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... of mine

Memories of the past should not define your identity. They're clues and stories about your journey and your character. Incredibly useful along the way, but they don't make you.


A clean, bare room keeps the mind clear.


Micro-dosed acid and realized buildings actually are sentient, like a poster claimed a while ago. My college library is an evil vampire.


If you take a power nap you'll go on to further prostitute yourself for the capitalist system. If you take a little siesta, on the other hand, you'll probably have another coffee... and another, longer siesta. -Spaniard I met once


A man will listen to his masters, to their papers, to authorities, to everything but his own soul and self... and then wonder why he doesn't see the beauty in the world, and why he can't seem to find truth.


Private property of any good (including one's own body) induces either (a) orderliness and structure through self reliant discipline, or (b) dissolution and decadence through high time preference vices.


As mass surveillance makes its way through every inch of public space, the sphere of the private will, contrary to popular assumptions, expand. There will be a greater necessity for private spaces as luxury spaces.

Think about electromagnetic shielding for safe-box keeping, glass/wood/stone materials only, no digital interfaces inside the home, typewriters, paintings, books. Primitive, minimalist FLOSS in the style of O-BSD will become more popular among high-competence users.

Together with the development of decentralized online communities, as more people tune out of the uninspired mainstream, it’s a return to the Lindy compatible bottom down community-information systems of the past.

Internet technology will inspire decentralization and differentiation while allowing for greater possible cooperation, like gold once did, but on steroids. The underground sphere of the internet will decline in overall percentage of bandwidth ...

but in total numbers it will be higher than ever. Heuristic heavy avant garde of bio/bro-science will be used by high performance athletes in life and business (think int fasting with bulletproof coff + microdosing + low carb for executives, as well as college kids).


... by others


§ Michael Porfirio Mason

Right Now,

Every Decision You Make,

Every Hour,

Every Second

Can Impact Years and Decades of Your Life.

Most people do Not Even Realize something like this.

Village by The Sea.


§ Grum

ppl who post "i dont touch receipts" on twitter do it immediately after fumbling to tell the cashier to hold the receipt again while wearing polyster & acrylic gymcuck fit daily, they dont drink the fluoride but they bathe in it, eat more meats except its soy & trauma fed chicken.

me? whole house reverse osmosis+HARD remineralization, all organic cottons, local ranch meat & eggs delivery, sunday farmer's market, grow your own herbs, make all ur own cleaners, wood cast iron glass or stainless everything. eat out: oysters sashimi and fresh squeezed OJ mimosa.

lindyfit carry sandbag back & forth &go shooting in the desert &i lift up a kettlebell 10 times meditate while i pace &run through the parking lot my house is full of insence and playing 528hz gong mix suntan nude in coconut oil salmon sashimi from costco chugging sauekraut juice.

I can type 160wpm do butterfly knife tricks make my own tables with hand tools a beautiful 100 year old handsaw i bought off ebay for $20 + shipping and refurbished wear weighted vest and high altitude mask to grocery store and ferment my own liquors and pickles tip only 30% or 0.


Why yes, i do enjoy cigars, RYOs & pipe tobacco. i chew cocoa beans, i chew coca leaf, i drink opium tea, i drink blue lotus, i microdose LSD, i 20 cups of espresso, i magCl bath, i hyperventilate, i eat steak w my hands. But i will NOT try the cbd oil. i will NOT the hookah.


§ Zecheriah the Great

Most People have

Zero Range of Motion

In the Gym

And in LIFE.

I Squat Heavy

Pause at the Bottom and Smoke 2+ Cigarettes.

Stand Back Up

Testosterone Surge

Central Nervous System Sparked.

Open Ocean Generalship


Just Keep it

Low Profile



§ Ben Westgate

Satoshi Nakamoto was a Real G:


Synapses Sparked

Intelligent Conversations

Civil Discourse

Ran the Numbers

Took No Selfies

Task Completion

Homage Paid


$100 Mill+ Organized Crime Enabled

Sent Multiple Complete Panics Thru The Population

Humble Billionaire

Low Profile


Me: “Can I shoot your Dog?”

Beautiful 22yo Latina girl: “Yes.”