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Welcome, friend.

It is our sincere hope that this site will help you along your Path, whoever you may be. Feel free to browse our Archives. We ask you to please excuse any imperfections during this time of building, as our young monks are quite new to the sphere of the Wired. Thank you.

Why? - by DON

Web 2.0 is becoming inhospitable; network event horizon is impending. Good users will be forced to migrate to their own domains, if they have them.

This is a good thing— renting land on some superconglomerate’s UI is low time-pref. If u don’t own property, u are the property.

Live in the town square, and the magistrate can expel u at any time, or cut u down like a dog…

But build ur own temple in the woods and become immortal, with an underground network of exiles.

Freedom relies on self sufficiency relies on private ownership.

This is what untethered knowledge exchange will look like in coming years; a dispersed network of web landlords exiled from commie prison-platforms, forced to strike out into the wilderness, organising thru underground tunnel link-lattices.

This page is a portal, one entry to this warren; a growing list of friends of the Knowledge Network, who have begun constructing their fiefdoms.